My story as a photographer begins a little over 10 years ago, after visiting an exhibition held by W. Eugene Smith in New York. I immediately fell in love with his images and the tremendous impact they had on spectators.
I started studying photography and followed my instinct, as I became more and more confident with my camera. Having the chance to fly to the big Apple quite often, since I was living in the states at that time, I adopted the city as my first project and started experimenting different shooting techniques. Two years later I abandoned color photography for black and white and haven't stopped . In the early 2002 a began working on my second portfolio, "My Chicago", mostly trying to re-interpret the strong and evident contrast between the old buildings and the cold metal structures of newer urban architectures. In march 2006, after years of total dedication to static subjects, I expanded my photographic views as a result of a slow but mature evolution, and turned my attention to people as primary subjects. "Sliding Doors" is indeed the first project that represents moving humans and approaches portraits. Two years fully immersed, in over 18 cities' subways, wondering around and escaping from real life, actual- ly took my shooting skills to a different level of knowledge and set me ready for what few moths later turned out to be my most important assignment. "In the arms of an Angel", comes to life in may 2006 and sees places like Mumbai, Delhi and Agra. Here portraits come alive and dominate the entire work, as children, as well as old men and women really re-invent emotions capturing the free spirit of photography. It all ends in march 2008 I've recently completed a portfolio in Sicily, focusing on the sicilian fishing industry and the fishermens' stories, completely shot using a medium format camera. I'm strongly influenced by photographers such as Salgado and McCurry, and can't deny that one of my favourite artists of all time is Ferdinando Scianna, for his ability to melt architectural and social photography so well. I believe that taking portraits and getting close to people knowing them, gaining their respect enough to take the close shot, is probably the best experience that a photographer can run into, and that's why social reportage is by far my goal as an artist.